Blackjack is a high-performance brand of rims and wheels, launched by RODI in 2005 to enter the high-end spectrum of the industry. Its focus has mainly been on aluminium rims and wheels for bicycles, but the dream was always to reach higher grounds.

In 2013 the company started to investigate and test the mechanical properties of new materials and different rim profiles, as well as to invest in new equipment and technology. As perfection takes time, the first carbon fiber rim model was only launched in 2017 – the C50 model – becoming the ideal asset for various professional cycling teams.


Carbon Evolution

Now focused on constant evolution and reinvention, Blackjack is ready to launch its new carbon fiber rims and wheels collection, in 2023.
Partnering with Bike Ahead, Blackjack created a new collection using a blend of quality carbon fibers and redesigning the rims to achieve the perfect balance between weight and stiffness.

The collection is composed of four rim and wheel models, including:
TR21 for Road,
TR24 ASY for Gravel,
TR26 ASY for MTB,
TR30 ASY for E-MTB and SUV,

> Have improved aerodynamics;
> Are lighter and more resistant;
> Have a less thick profile without taking away the resistance;
> Have better handling;
> Have the best of the class UD finish;

To make this all possible, as well as an increase in production capacity, all Blackjack’s carbon rims and wheels will be manufactured at Carbon Team LDA, a Portuguese company part of the RODI INDUSTRIES group, that was conceptualized in partnership with other companies in the cycling sector. width=

Our Manufacturing Processes

At Carbon Team, we use a particular 3D program – FEA – to design our rims, while moulding with high-quality carbon fiber sheets T700/T800, which together enable an improved rim finishing and higher strength.
To ensure the maintenance and quality of these raw materials, we have implemented meticulous quality control procedures and very specific and controlled carbon storage conditions.
The first step in the wheels’ manufacture is to cut the carbon plies with high precision, which we do with CNC-controlled machines. Then the carbon fiber is layered up by hand inside our state-of-the-art alloy moulds.
It is time for our wheelsets to go to the oven to cure – we use an Enhanced Autoclave curing process for the best quality and performance. After the bladder is carefully removed, we drill the spoke wholes with CNC equipment, check for the geometric control of the rims, prepare it for painting and graphics, and finally go to the wheel assembly stage.
At the end of the manufacturing process, the wheels are tested to ensure they are ready to boost any ride.

These meticulous processes would not be possible without the following:
> An advanced ply marking identification for 100% process and operator control and traceability;
> A unique shop floor management system (industry 4.0 principals) to secure full traceability and guarantee repeatability through digitalized assembly instructions for each specific layup;
> Thorough constant QC on all process stages assisted with a fully equipped central laboratory;


Join us on our journey towards Carbon Evolution

and meet our new Carbon Wheels Collection launching in 2023.