Wheels are one of the key components of the Bicycle that improves the cyclist performance and they are in fact the only point of contact with the ground. Nowadays carbon wheels have several advantages, and Blackjack presents some of these advantages.

1. Lightweight

Carbon is the lightest material used in bicycle wheels, having been designed to achieve high performance. By choosing carbon wheels to equip your bicycle you will be able to substantially reduce the final weight, making it a true performance bicycle. The purpose of reducing its weight is very important in the performance and maintenance of constant speeds as it allows you, as a cyclist, to be able to maintain your performance in an easier way.

2. Aerodynamics

Because they are lighter, carbon wheels reduce the effort you need to make to reach higher speeds on straights, whether on road cycling or even in MTB. Being more aerodynamic, they are able to provide better performance, less effort and friction while achieving better results and less energy spent by you.

3. Performance

Your performance as a cyclist, when using carbon wheels, will be enhanced, as the effort you will spend using these wheels will be much less, giving you a competitive advantage in bicycle competitions. Even if you do not use them in cycling competitions, you will see your performance substantially increased by the ease with which you will be cycling, noticing this difference every time you go outside with your bicycle. 

4. Efficiency

The carbon wheels allow greater efficiency of your bicycle and better results in cycling events, trails, straights, curves but mainly in the ascents that will become less tiring and much faster to accomplish. Cycling will no longer be an inglorious effort, because these high performance wheels will provide you exceptional results.

5. Impact Absorption

Carbon fiber has an enormous capacity to absorb impacts. You will feel, when using your carbon wheels, a very significant change in the impacts of your arms, legs and torso while cycling. Impacts will no longer be physically painful and will become more easily supported.

6. Versatility

Carbon fiber allows a huge variety in the choice of wheels. You can find wheels with different profiles, hubs and rim widths, as well as carbon spokes, different weights and measures, with a wide variety of models for the same type of use. Just choose from the wide range of the Blackjack collection the most suitable pair for your goals, whether it be road or mountain carbon performance wheels.

7. Looks

You definitely stand out when arriving at a cycling event with carbon Blackjack wheels on your bicycle. Their beauty and detail just simply looks great and will surely not go unnoticed by others.