How did your passion for cycling come about?
JB: The passion for cycling starter very early. After trying out several sports, I realized that what really made me happy was riding a bike. It wasn’t easy to convince my parents to let me join a cycling team, but as always, I never give up and now I’m here!

What was the most memorable moment of your career?
JB: I had several memorable moments, but I can highlight the year when I was a national champion. It was special because it was a turning year in my career. Each podium at “Volta a Portugal” has also a very special feeling. It is the recognition of hard work and lots of sacrifices.

What do you think about the individual and collective performance in your first season at W52-FC Porto?
JB: In my opinion, W52-FC Porto is the strongest team of the national peloton. We had a brilliant season with several individuals and team victories. We have won the most important races of the season, so  I’m really happy with the results we have achieved together.


The 2022 season. What type of training sessions do you do during the pre-competition period?
JB: This pre-season has been atypical. I had an injury that has been conditioning the training sessions, however, in a normal year, I combine cycling, gym, and walking.

W52-FC Porto team races always to win, but there is a big expectation about what Joni Brandão can achieve this year. What are your individual goals for 2022?
JB: The DNA of the team is fighting for victories. I want to be at my best level to help the team to achieve new records. When one of us wins, we all win.

Wheels are a very important component of the bicycle. What criteria do you use to choose the best wheels for each route?
JB: If the performance of components used on my bike is not according to my expectations, my head doesn’t stop thinking about that! The feeling with the wheels is exactly the same, so is very important to rely on them. I choose the wheels type according to the route, to grant me comfort and safety. For less demanding routes I use the Blackjack C50, and for the difficult ones, I prefer C35.

Photo: Ivo Pereira / Global Imagens


Regarding Blackjack wheels, how do you evaluate their performance? Which features do you value most?
JB: I appreciate their rigidity and the sensation of security they bring me em every training or competition.

How do Blackjack wheels improve your performance in training and competition?
JB: When we have the best products, this is reflected in our results. Because of that, I believe that the Blackjack wheels make a huge difference in my performance.

Choose a word to define the Blackjack wheels.
JB: Safety!

Finally, what tips can you give to those who are just starting to cycle?
Believe in your worth, always! Work hard. Be brave and resilient, because when we believe in ourselves the results happen. If your dream is to be a professional athlete fight daily to make it happen! Nothing is as strong as our will to win.


Hobbies: Spend time with friends and family, play PlayStation and enjoy the small pleasures of life
Favorite dish: steak “à Mirandesa”
Dream trip: Las Vegas
Childhood idol: Lance Armstrong
Objeto indispensável: Mobile phone

Name: Joni Brandão
Team: W52 FC Porto
Age: 32 years old
Place of birth: Travanca (Santa Maria da Feira)