SL Series

The ultimate collection of light and durable rims and wheels

Blackjack is a high-performance brand of rims and wheels, launched by RODI Cycling in 2005 to enter the high-end spectrum of the industry.
With constant investments in innovation and technology, Blackjack is becoming an uprising brand in the market and an ideal choice for many European distributors and professional cycling teams.

With hopes of reaching a more premium segment, Blackjack is launching a new wheel and rim collection – SL Series.
For the last two years, the company has been designing and developing these components to be a competitive and high-quality option for all cycling enthusiasts, with attributes that may disrupt the brand’s positioning on the market and push it towards new trends.


75% recycled aluminium, 100% performance


More than high-performance wheels, we wanted to create a more sustainable product by investing in lowering the impact of our manufacturing processes and using unique secondary raw materials. The SL Series Collection will be produced with an exclusive alloy – 6000 series – developed explicitly for Blackjack’s requirements, made up of 75% recycled aluminium.

By no means it affects other important attributes of the wheels, such as weight and stiffness. More than creating a collection using materials with high mechanical properties, Blackjack’s main goal was to design an optimized rim profile for better stability, increased stiffness, and better handling while aiming for the lightest weight possible.


☑️ An innovative method of sleeve rim joining process, with servo control actuators to monitor and control the convergence of the end with a calibration mechanism to adjust the flanges geometrically and dimensionally on the gap region.

☑️ And a diligent asymmetric design to guarantee a unique balancing of spoke tensions between DS (Drive side) and NDS (Non-drive side). It allows for greater stiffness and therefore, more performance and resistance to external brake torsional stresses, as from driving power transmitted through the cassette.


SL 23 asy
Ideal for Mixed Terrain/Gravel, this model of rims/wheels is intended not just for road or off-road usage. This is a model for all-road!
Classification of Bike Usage: Ideal for Bike-Category 2.

SL 25 asy
Ideal for MTB/off-road usage.
Classification of Bike Usage: Ideal for Bike-Category 3.

SL 27 asy
The ultimate Muscular model. With an optimal balance between durability and weight, this model of rims/wheels ensures more efficiency when climbing and on harder descends. Intended for off-road usage.
Classification of Bike Usage: Ideal for Bike Categories 3 and 4.

SL 30 asy
Created for E-MTB and SUV. This strong, reinforced model will resist even the hardest trails and conquer the most demanding uphills.
Classification of Bike Usage: Ideal for Bike Categories 4 and 5.

All these models will have a smooth & hard matte black finish, now possible because of the company’s new in-house capabilities: the construction of a new factory unit, adding more than 7.000 m2 to the factory site, with state-of-the-art equipment and the installation of an anodising line and a new powder painting line. This gives us full control of the process and allows us to anodise rims as the last step of the production process.


Improved quality, better structure, and more resistant rims.

Join us at the start of this new era. ⚡ Ride with Blackjack Wheels.