The ultimate collection of light and durable rims and wheels

Blackjack proudly presents the SL Series, a meticulously designed and developed collection of rims and wheels.

Over the past few years, we’ve crafted these components to offer cycling enthusiasts a competitive, high-quality option. This collection aims to redefine our market position and set new benchmarks for sustainable value chains.

80% recycled aluminium, 100% performance

The SL Series excels in performance while prioritising sustainability.
By reducing the environmental impact of our manufacturing processes and using unique secondary raw materials, we’ve created an eco-friendly product.

This collection features a 6000 series alloy, composed of 80% recycled aluminium, developed for Blackjack’s requirements.

Sustainable Partnerships with Hydro

Aluminium is crucial to our products and business, prompting us to adopt a new approach to material selection and transformation.

In search of a sustainable alloy, we partnered with Hydro, a leading aluminium and renewable energy company committed to a sustainable future.
Hydro’s expertise in green aluminium perfectly complements our manufacturing knowledge, resulting in a unique product that challenges perceptions about the quality and performance of recycled products.

Our alloy, certified and transparent, comprises about 80% recycled aluminium, including 32% post-consumed scrap, 48% pre-consumed scrap, and 20% primary scrap.
This combination results in a reduced carbon footprint of 5.1 kg CO2e per Avoided Burden Calculations, EPD S-P-10762, at Hydro’s local site.

Despite our sustainable approach, we have not compromised the critical attributes of our wheels, such as weight and stiffness. By harnessing materials with superior mechanical properties, we’ve designed an optimised rim profile that offers better stability, increased stiffness, and improved handling, while maintaining the lightest weight possible.

How do we do it?

✔️ Innovative Sleeve Rim Joining Process: our method uses servo control actuators to monitor and control the convergence of the ends, with a calibration mechanism to adjust the flanges geometrically and dimensionally at the gap region.

✔️ Asymmetric Design: this ensures a unique balance of spoke tensions between the drive side (DS) and non-drive side (NDS), resulting in greater stiffness and better performance, as well as resistance to external brake torsional stresses from driving power transmitted through the cassette.

✔️ State-of-the-Art Equipment: the anodising line, installed recently, gives us complete control of the process, allowing us to coat the rims as the final production step. Anodising after rim joining results in proven resistance of the finishing and a stiffer product structure.

Our productsSL Series collection

SL 25 Asy
Ideal for gravel enthusiasts, these wheels are designed for all-road use.
Bike Usage Classification: Ideal for Bike Category 2.

SL 27 Asy
The ultimate model for strength and weight balance, perfect for off-road usage and efficient climbing.
Bike Usage Classification: Ideal for Bike Category 3.

SL 30 Asy
Built for MTB and E-MTB bicycles, this robust model withstands the toughest trails and most demanding uphills.
Bike Usage Classification: Ideal for Bike Category 4.

Challenge yourself with the SL Series collection

Whether you’re a bike parts store, a professional cyclist, or an adventurous challenger, the SL Collection fit your needs. Our special alloy offers a distinct, high-quality product that minimises its carbon footprint without sacrificing performance.

Experience the future of sustainable cycling with SL Series and see the difference for yourself!