There is no better feeling than to share a bike ride with other people

How many times have you experienced this?
Cycling boosts your mood, and Blackjack, more than an international brand of rims and wheels for your bike,
sets it up so you can pedal towards your biggest ambitions.


Our mission is to encourage you to challenge yourself, step out of your comfort zone, and take risks: we defy all cyclists to get on their bikes and take on new adventures head-on.

Ride with Blackjack Wheels


Since 2005, Blackjack has strived to create products that aim for greatness. We aspire to be a part of all cyclist’s adventures and help them bring out their competitive and challenging inner selves.
We propose to achieve that with riding performance being a priority in everything we do.


Developing our range of products comprehends a series of complex processes and meticulous techniques that have been refined over the years. We have an experienced and passionate team who strives to create reliable, safe and innovative solutions for your bike by focusing on quality engineering and design practices, and that aim for breaking boundaries and setting trends.


We keep innovating and transforming our wheels and rims to give cyclists what they need and beyond. For us, providing the quality and reliability of our products means combining our in-house technical procedures with the ultimate test – the winnings of our racing teams.


We want to keep evolving towards a greener industry and encourage all of you to enjoy a more sustainable way of life while riding a bike.
The goal is to achieve green manufacturing growth and to develop zero-waste and zero-emission projects, as well as socially responsible initiatives, with a great and measurable positive impact on our environment – this is the commitment we make to our company, our industry, and our community.

Join us on this ride.


Blackjack rims and wheels are engineered and designed for anyone who wants to bring out their inner racer.
It’s more than a brand, it’s a lifestyle! No matter if you are in the countryside or the city. If you love racing through the mountain hills or prefer cruising down a long road. If you prefer to cover rougher tracks or often have to wind down through the daily traffic – if you choose a challenge, you choose Blackjack.

Where will we ride next?

If you want to know more about Blackjack Wheels, pedal toward RODI Cycling and discover how everything started.