I. Introduction

This policy aims to regulate and explain what cookies are and when are they imported and for which they are used under the website of Blackjack High Performance Wheels and Rims:

Cookies are files that aggregate information and their collection have as its main objective the improvement of the experience of the visitors of the site, allowing sharing of important information with the partners responsible for the development of the site, in a continuous process of contributing for a better navigation.


II. Who is it for?

Used almost universally on all websites, cookies and audio devices, language registration, location, session log and other variables that can be recognized as relevant.
Cookies are needed to store information and retrieve the times when they are needed, making browsing easier. Using information made available on the device, cookies can recognize users.


III. Acceptance of the use of cookies

In accordance with the legislation in force, the site may use cookies with the express prior consent of the visitor. The collection of information through these cookies is intended for the above purposes.
Cookies are important for the proper functioning of the site, so it is advisable to accept its use.


IV. Type of Cookies used

Session Cookies – These contain non-personal information, which enables you to identify them on the Blackjack website.
Analytics Cookies – Google Analytics is the analytics tool provided by Google to help site and application owners understand how their users benefit from the various properties of the site. Google Analytics uses cookies to collect information and statistics about using the website without personally identifying visitors.
Cookies of third parties – The collection, registration, and access to cookies may come from third parties during your navigation on our website or application (advertisers, communication agencies, audience measurement companies, etc.). Cookies allow the navigation path to be registered so that these third parties determine the advertising content appropriate to the interests of visitors.


V. Cookie Management

Most browsers allow you to override local storage of cookies if you wish. Users can configure the devices and browsers they use to accept or abort cookies. In order for visitors to manage their cookies from your browser, you can use one of the links below:

  • For more information about “Private Browsing” and Cookie Management in the Firefox browser, click here
  • For more information on “Incognito Navigation” and Cookie Management in Chrome browser, click here
  • For more information about “Private Browsing” and Cookie Management from the Internet Explorer browser, click here
  • For more information on “Private Browsing” and Cookie Management in the Opera browser, click here.


VI. Disabling the use of cookies

You can still block or delete Cookies from your device. This process is done through the browser settings.