We continuously invest in more technological and innovative solutions to improve the reliability and quality of our products.

But not all wheels make it through the test of time.
That is why we grant the statutory 3-year warranty for all our aluminium and carbon wheels.
This guarantee applies only to the original owner of the product, from which the original sales receipt is required.

For carbon wheels, it is suggested you register your product on our official website in advance.
By registering your set of carbon wheels, you will be extending your warranty for plus 12 months.

To register your Carbon Blackjack wheels, click here.

You can contact us for your warranty claim, or you can go to your local Blackjack dealer.

Cycling is a passion for us.
Maybe that is why we are still riding.

With almost 20 years of working on the brand plus 70 years of experience in the field and a serious passion for pedalling, there is no surprise that it is key for Blackjack to create safe and durable rims and wheels that give you the best performance in any cycling challenge.