More and more people opt for the bicycle as a means of transportation. They take the bicycle as a means of transport, for many reasons: leisure, training, health or environmental issues, or even for convenience, making this transportation a new way of life. If you are one of those people who cannot imagine a day without pedaling, this article was written for you. Discover 7 cities of the world, where, even on vacation, you can continue to enjoy the pleasure of pedaling wherever you want!

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1 – COPENHAGEN (Denmark)


It is in this city that you find the most open-minded concept when it comes to the use of the bicycle. The investment in infrastructure for cyclists is huge since more than half of the population uses the bicycle as a means of transport. The whole city is adapted to this lifestyle – from bridges to seals, everything is integrated so that bicycles are at the same level as cars and buses.

2 – AMSTERDAM (Holland)


Amsterdam is also one of the European cities where about half of the population already uses bicycles as a means of transport, and the streets are fully adapted to their use. Amsterdam is a paradise for bicycles and you really need to get to know it by the wind. The use of bicycles is so intense that the problems of saturation in the central zones is very frequent.

3 – UTRECHT (Holland)

Not only Amsterdam lives in Holland. Utrecht is a small Dutch city, where the highlight of the bikes is more and more spacious. Recently, the city inaugurated a new spacious path to walk and pedal and motor vehicles are forbidden to transit on the bridge Moreelseburg – a bridge that covers 1.6km, where it previously was impossible to walk or ride a bike. This small town also has a plan based on the signature “Utrecht – we all cycle!” with the aim of promoting a more accessible and safe city. Between 2011 and 2014, around 110 million euros were invested in bicycle structures, which has resulted in a 4% increase in bike sales per year.

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4 – STRASBOURG (France)

Wherever you look, there they are: bicycles. Lying on the walls of the houses, chained side by side to the river, almost as if they were part of the landscape, in rental stations, in specialized shops and, of course, in movement, going around from one side to the other in a natural and fluid way between people and cars. This city is part of the world top 20 of the most “adapted for cyclists” in the world. Cycling becomes the fastest and most effective way to reach the destination. There is a strong growth of cyclists, mainly due to the impulse given by the new generation.

5 – EINDHOVEN (Holland)


The culture of cycling in Holland is very rooted and in Eindhoven, technology helps it a little better: the Floating Roundabout is a circularly shaped suspension bridge created specifically for the circulation of bicycles. This bridge is an iconic element for the city and the world of cycling. The naturalness with which cyclists are integrated in the traffic of the Dutch cities surprises the visitors of countries that prioritize automobiles.

6- MALMÖ (Sweden)

In this city, the concern with the cyclists is permanent, being that, the whole city was prepared structurally to receive the lovers of the two wheels transport. Malmö is small for our standards, with only 300,000 inhabitants, but it’s the third largest city in Sweden, which becomes even bigger when it comes to promoting cycling: 30% of its population pedals daily.

7- ANTWERP (Belgium)

In this city, you will find several parking lots for bicycles and in the train station, numerous routes suitable for your use. In Antwerp, bikes are used by everyone, regardless of age and social status.

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There are more and more cities that are getting prepared to receive bikes and the construction of cycle infrastructures. Some are always seeing this concern in terms of politics and urban management. It’s clear that bikes will dominate the world, right? Together we are stronger!