In road wheels, you can find various types of materials. Most used material is carbon fibre or aluminium. The latter is present on most wheels, especially those with more accessible values.

Carbon fibre wheels are used by those who need high performance and lightness, something fundamental in races and competitions.

A good investment for the most frequent road cyclist is to invest in a training wheel, which is more resistant, cheaper and an interesting choice to use in everyday life without having to make a big investment. As a rule, to training, we opt for a low profile wheel, made of aluminium. To compete we opted for a tubular wheel, with more profile and lighter.

It is also important not to forget what kind of brake you are using. When you make your purchase you should look for a wheel that is compatible with your braking system, because depending on whether your bike is a calliper brake or a disc brake, this will directly interfere with its compatibility with your bike.

Author: Tiago Torres, Segredos do Ciclismo