Who is a pro in the art of pedaling knows well that its bicycle undergoes great wear along the km’s traveled in leisure or in competition. All components of the bike should be regularly checked, especially tires and rims, as they are the support of the structure and are those that guarantee safety.


Thus, for greater durability of the bike you must:

1- Keep the tires calibrated according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

This is a crucial factor in tire preservation. The fuller the tire is, the lower the area of ​​contact with the ground and, consequently, the tire will suffer less friction and wear, increasing its life span.

2- Go and change the front tire regularly through the front.

This tip is due to the fact that the rear part is the most used for locking and tends to wear out more quickly. If you take turns, the wear will be slower. However, if any of the tires are heavily worn and have patches already, you should keep it in the back, avoiding serious accidents in case it burst.

3- Pedal always with lightweight.

Excessive weight causes obvious wear and tear on the entire bike. As we have already mentioned, the larger the surface of the tire in contact with the ground the greater the wear, and this is inevitable when the weight to be carried is excessive. The same applies to chains that will require more effort to roll, just as the rims and the brakes will cause more friction in the descents to ensure braking. In extreme cases, the bicycle frame may also be compromised by being overweight.

4- Quickly clean the chains before pedaling.

This cleaning will not take more than a minute since the procedure is very simple. You will need only a cloth to ensure that the chain of the bicycle will fulfill the mission of ensuring your safety in braking. You should grasp the chain with the help of the cloth and with the other available hand go spinning the tire so that all the chain is cleaned. You will not need to do anything else, because the current will do all the cleaning work necessary.


With these simple tips, you will prove that keeping your bike as new is much easier than you thought and that the results in terms of durability will be evident.