Your bike is one of your best relaxation tools, right? From now on you will also be a surefire ally in exercise so you can lose that extra pound that has been bothering you for some time, either in competition or for pure leisure. Take the challenge with these five tips for losing weight with your bike.


1. Never stop pedaling
An average road cyclist burns about 40 calories per mile (approximately 1.6 km) at a relatively low speed of 15 km/hour. This means that a 10-hour weekly bike commitment can burn up to 6,000 calories.

2. Train your upper body
For the best times and bike control, you need to have upper and lower body strength. Thus, the idea that cycling is only necessary to have strength in the legs, and the pulling and pushing movements of the upper body are equally important. Going to the gym can be very useful to see results on the bike and to lose weight!

3. Pedal even farther
Every week make a long bike ride. Routes longer than 6 hours burn a lot of calories and offer an extra amount of resistance to your body! However, you can also get results if you do 40-minute workouts as long as you pedal at your fastest pace.

4. Training recovery is very important
It’s not because you don’t eat that your training will work, but a good portion of carbohydrates after your bike ride will strengthen your muscles and ensure a feeling of satiety that will prevent you from eating too much at a next meal.

5. Hydration, always!
One of the best ways to keep your health up while playing any sport is to drink plenty of water. Just as important as your cycling gear and cycling helmet is that you get off your bike with at least two full bottles of water and replenish them along the way. Only then will you be able to lose weight quickly and healthy while practicing your favorite sport: cycling.


We hope that with these tips lose weight with cycling and achieve your goals. Blackjack rides with you!