Are your passions Adventure, Nature and Cycling? To begin in MTB, Blackjack gives you 7 tips for you to be prepared and to make the experience running smoothly.

1. Choose the Bicycle for your size
For you to make the most out of your bicycle you must take into consideration the size of the frame. To do so, there are some techniques that you could use, such as your own high in relation to the MTB geometry and adjustments.

2. Use appropriate and protective equipment
One of the most important equipments that you must use is the helmet, as this is absolutely crucial for your security, making sure you are using one, adjusted to your size and suitable for MTB. Glasses are a protective element against the sunlight, dust and small bugs, which allows you to enjoy your trail in a more comfortable way. Choose also padded shorts/trousers that will help you in the resting area over the bicycle saddle. On your feet choose snickers that sit perfectly on the pedals without slipping (if you are not using cycling shoes). Gloves are also a key element of protective equipment that you should use in your trails to keep your hands safe.

3. Pay attention to your diet
Before starting your activity you must have a light but rich meal that will provide your body with the energy that you will drain during the trail. Some foods enhance your resistance, energy and hydration, such as bananas, oat and orange juice, among others. When cycling makes sure you haven’t forgotten to take with you some energy bars, which are lightweight and will fulfil some energy and fibre needs. Also remember to bring water with you, as this is essential for keeping your body hydrated. After you completed your trail, make sure you have an appropriate meal to restore the energies spent.

4. Bicycle Maintenance
In order for you to have your bicycle in perfect condition and to increase its durability, you must assure to make periodical maintenance. Some components such as the chain and gears, among others are consistently subject to friction and must be lubricated because of the attrition they suffer. Remember to keep your bicycle clean and after each wash doesn’t forget to dry it to prevent rust on some components. Regarding the brakes always check for some traces of wear and also check the tire pressure of your Blackjack wheels.

5. Train your skills
Before heading to the trails and bicycle competitions you should practice some aspects that will allow you to overcome some obstacles you will face. Train your balance with your bicycle stopped or at a very low speed. After this, you should train to raise the front wheel of your bicycle and then the rear wheel, and then practice jumps because those three skills will allow you to avoid obstacles during your trial. At last practice, the braking, starting with the rear braking and then both brakes simultaneous to make you better prepared for every kind of surfaces you can encounter.

6. Practice MTB with other mountain bikers
MTB should be a sport that you should do with others, for safety reasons because in trails there is a lot of situations that could occur that you do not expect or control. Being with other mountain bikers also allows sharing moments which are not possible if you do it on your one. But if you are a lonely rider check if you take your mobile phone with you and make sure you tell someone about the trail that you decided to do.

7. Choose easy trails at the beginning
In the beginning, start with short and easier trails and gradually increase the distance and difficult as you become more skilled, confident and have more endurance for MTB. The pleasure of exploring the unknown and overcoming the more radical challenges will arise with practice, motivation and willingness to overcome. In those trails, there always be a conquer feeling connected to your physical and mental abilities. Finally, choose the right components from the Blackjack Collection to be prepared to take the trails.

Now the world is yours!