This virus came to show us those things that we did, sometimes and often not even appreciated, now are so missed!

It’s true that our training on hills, valleys, our country’s unknown towns or that walk by the beach was postponed, but there’s no reason to maintain an active and healthy life. Do we need to adjust and adapt? Yes, we do! But we must maintain a pace of training that allows us an excellent physical and mental level.

For the population that has a medical certificate for the practice of sports and that frequently practices cycling, here some topics that can help at this time:
Training on rolls (fixed or free) is nowadays an alternative;
We have to be careful with hydration because, usually, training is done in a limited space and because of that body temperature increases and causes more dehydration and wear;
Training should be in a lower amount, up to a maximum of 2h and with different objectives (threshold training, maximum aerobic power training and sprints training). The workout should be complemented with physical (core, abdominal, lumbar, etc.) that allow muscle reinforcement and a complement to the training done on the bike.
Each training must be adapted to each person, so giving examples for everyone would be wrong.

The main idea is: Train, be active, practice (our) sport, but above all protect yourself, protect us because, in the end, everything will be fine!