When your true love is to bike, the wheels, the rims, even the frame… becomes difficult to choose which model is your favorite, and even if you have “your modality” you don’t need to train only in this type of circuit. The real pleasure of cycling is in the challenge of whether or not it is on the road or on the mountain, the important thing is to do what makes you happy: riding your bike!

The mountain bike circuit is usually called MTB (mountain bike) and is divided into submodalities such as downhill, enduro, all mountain, BMX, bike trail, among others. What they all have in common is the mountainous route, each one has very specific rules or ways of practicing. MTB lovers commonly call themselves mountain bikers and their bicycles are designed to cover all types of terrain, being able to tread very rough terrain and promote obstacles transposition. They are so versatile, MTB bikes can be used on all types of terrain. However, they are designed for hilly trails, and that is where you will achieve your full potential! width=

The mountain bikers’ favorite destinations are the rivers, the tops of the mountain, the beaches… they are generally little bustling places that give them mixed feelings of adrenaline and calm. The basic kit for those who practice MTB consists of a helmet, gloves, air pump, air chamber and basic tool kit, water, and dry food.


In the other hand, road cycling is explained by its name: it is pedaling on asphalt, or road ground. Bicycles also have specific characteristics in this mode, however, when practiced for leisure is simpler, as the training ground isn’t bumpy, becoming more predictable. This mode is practiced all over the world, being, perhaps, the most classic mode of cycling. When practiced in competition, it’s played in two phases: first, you pass an individual time trial and then a road race competing with other athletes.


This was the first modality to be played on a bicycle, and athletes have their own speed bicycles, with very thin and lighter tires than the other bikes. This feature is crucial in order for the athlete to reach great speed in a short span of time. The essential kit consists of a helmet, gloves, goggles, reflector equipment, water, and dry food.


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