Carbon C35 disc brakes were featured in Bike. The review focuses the reliability, stability, versatility and robustness of Blackjack wheels.

These wheels are ideal for all-terrain types and are compatible with both tubeless and tube tires. The rim is made of unidirectional carbon in its entirety and the profile has a toroidal design.

The platform also highlights the quality of the wheels, compared to other makes and models that cost twice the price. One of the main features that jumped out of sight during the tests was the filtering of road irregularities, providing high rider comfort.

The stiffness is also one of the features highlighted in the review, where it is indicated that the wheels are not lacking, either on asphalt or even gravel. As for bearings, months of testing have proven their durability, even in bad weather.

The aesthetic design of the wheels also deserved attention: “Very nice, with the matt black of the rim contrasting with the pearl white of the logos.”

For Bike “the Carbon C35 Discs are at the level of the best – and most expensive – wheels they have ever tested, being” extremely fast (thanks to their profile and bearing quality) and agile uphill.”