In order to install a tubeless tire on a wheel, which rim is Tubeless Ready, first you’ll need an appropriate rim tape (it’s like an adhesive tape but with specific properties for this kind of rims) and sealant liquid.



1. Carefully clean the rim where the rim tape will be applied and remove possible imperfections from the punching holes, as, aluminium burrs;

2. Choose an appropriate rim tape, according to the internal width of the rim’s profile (for instance, should it be a 622x30TC profile, the rim tape should be approximately 32mm;

3. Apply the rim tape all around it, stretching it through a turn and a half, counting from 90º from the valve hole;

4. Remove any air bubbles which may have formed during the previous step;

5. Use the sharp tip of the Tubeless valve, to pierce the rim tape and maintain it steady on the rim;

6. Assemble the Tubeless tire on the wheel and inflate it, until its walls are perfectly fit on the rim’s walls. Usually, a snap sound will be heard prior to it.

7. Remove the inflated air, and, afterwards, the valve core (use the specific tool which is supplied with the Tubeless valve);

8. Pour the sealant through the valve (quantity recommended by the producer, according to the intended usage) and put its core back on;

9. Inflate the tire slightly;

10. Shake the wheel vigorously on all directions for some time, in order to widely spread the sealant.

11. Finally, let the sealant dry for a couple of hours.