Discipline is the bridge between goal and achievement. Reaching professional athlete levels is not easy: it requires discipline, effort, focus and persistence. Before getting started in cycling, learn more about how to achieve great results. 

Being aware of ourselves and making our own limitations our greatest struggle is one of the best ways to start.  Have you ever heard of a champion without a motivating background? 


Pedalling with focus and persistence

Understand your purpose and perspective before you start another week. This habit will make you a more motivated person and will help you to maintain your training discipline.

Remember that the first few weeks are always the most intense. Once you get into the habit, the routine comes in addiction, and from then on it will always improve. 

Initially, look less at numbers and results and more at the pleasure of cycling. You’ll feel light, cheerful and less rigid in your approach. 


Weekly Training Plan

To maintain a good pace and achieve good results, you must train frequently and in a disciplined manner. When it comes to physical condition, in road cycling it is important to be prepared to have power and speed. This means you must have different and varied training plans. You alternately train stamina with higher intensity peaks and power with more speed-oriented training.

In mountain sports, you must strengthen your muscles and physical preparation must be done to reach considerable levels of strength, mobility and core so that you don’t have serious problems afterwards, whenever a fall occurs.

“Tomorrow’s cyclist is built today.” 

David Lappartient , President UCI


Risking to get further and further 

You don’t make champions without discipline, but taking risks should also be part of a professional athlete’s “day to day” cycling. Especially in mountain sports, like Downhill.


Food for professionals 

The first and main rule to bear in mind: eat a little. There are no forbidden foods or strict light diets. Rather, there is care that can help you maintain stamina and focus on training, with no loss of energy that will lead to total wear and tear. 

Prefer fresh foods over processed or fast-food and eat fruit, vegetables and meat. Do not abuse the fibres and heavy foods for digestion before training or tasting. But what you really can’t miss at breakfast are carbohydrates. The measure is 60 grams for every hour of cycling. Energy bars are also a good ally, but can easily be replaced by bananas and nuts.

After the training, it’s time to regain your energy and recover your muscles. Therefore, you must prefer meat, rich in protein, vegetables and carbohydrate-rich foods

Soon after, take at least an hour to rest and relax. 


Quality sleep: a good ally for pedalling 

More than thinking about a proper training plan for the goal and perfect nutrition, maintaining good sleep hygiene is extremely important, if not the most important, step. 

Having quality sleep does not only mean sleeping a generous amount of hours. It is necessary to turn off “seriously” so that recovery is the most appropriate. And at this point, it is not worth thinking about aids such as supplements or medication to sleep. We are also considering discipline and regular sleep habits to train our body for rest. Making a 7-hour sleep plan can be a good start, just like measuring and monitoring sleep with the help of a smartwatch. The more hours of deep sleep and REM sleep we get, the more hours of rest we are offering to our body, which means more physical performance the next day.