It could be a day like so many others, but today, we decided to interview someone very special of our community and present you the advantages of having Blackjack as a companion in all the adventures. He’s Sebastian Breuer, a 3x UCI MTB World Championship participant who never gets tired of getting himself on new adventures. For more, follow him on Instagram: @seb_breuer

BLACKJACK: First of all, what made you fall in love with cycling?

SEBASTIAN: Cycling gives me everything I need. With your bike, you could go everywhere whenever you want. It’s a kind of special freedom. Ok, with a car it is possible too, but while cycling you could enjoy the landscape and the people around you. And the best thing on exploring the world by bike stands under the motto “getting and staying fit”.


BLACKJACK: What do you think are your best qualities as a cyclist? And flaws?

SEBASTIAN: I think one of my qualities is my versatility and knowledge. I started cycling as a road racer and took part in some UCI stage and one day races before turning my focus to mountain bike marathon races. I’ve got experience in cross and track racing and love bikepacking adventures. I am not sure about my flaw. Maybe bike polo, but I don’t know because I never did it before.

BLACKJACK: How many hours do you train per day and how do prepare your training?

SEBASTIAN: It depends on the time of the year and the upcoming events. Currently, I am starting my training for the fourth edition of the torino-nice rally. It’s a self-supported bikepacking adventure race mid of September. There I have to do round about 650 kilometers with 20.000 meters of altitude difference. I am really looking forward to this event and so I have to train a lot. Today I rode 3 hours with a lot of climbing. My training is a mixture of short and long distances. My special preparation for my training is a cup of good coffee. Since some years I can’t ride my bike fast without a coffee.


BLACKJACK: How does Blackjack contribute to your training?

SEBASTIAN: The most important way because I can rely on my rims wherever I go. If gravel, trails or paved roads. I trust my rims.

BLACKJACK: How would classify our rims and wheels? Which are the ones that you use?

SEBASTIAN: The Blackjack rims are the perfect combination of low weight, maximum stiffness, and great reliability. I am using the READY GR.

BLACKJACK: Which adventure is on your wishlist to do by bike?

SEBASTIAN: There are a lot. One thing is to do the Leadville 100 or Dirty Kanza. I am really impressed of Navad 1000. It is a bikepacking 1000 kilometers race across Switzerland.

BLACKJACK: What was the most challenging trail you’ve ever done?

SEBASTIAN: The most challenging competition I’ve ever gone to was the last UCI MTB Marathon World Championship last year. It was a brutally hard race. With only 102k with 4500 altitude difference, it was challenging every second while riding. I had a bad day and broke my pedal. But I never thought about quitting. I finished at plate 115. Not the result I was hoping for, but it was a race against the best MTB riders on this planet.


[all images are reserved by Sebastian Breuer]