Cycling is a healthy sport of performance, overcoming, friendship and fitness, but no exceptional results will be achieved without dedication. Therefore, you should plan your training and put to test your Blackjack wheels.

By choosing the routes you intend to take, you must pay attention to your physical characteristics and some objectives you intend to achieve. Don’t forget all the safety equipment you’ll need, water to keep you hydrated and your energy bars. Check below some tips to plan a route for your Sunday training.

1. Internet
The internet is a wide world of ideas where you can search for lots of ways to put your passion for cycling into practice. You can get ideas for routes, see what types of training are most suitable for you, choose trails and collect information about them. There are countless searches you can do, such as blogs in order to get details about existing routes from north to south of the country. The sharing of information on the internet, on social networks and speciality websites are a great help to let you know more details about the practice, training and adventure on two wheels.

2. Speaking to Friends
Cycling has been gaining fans around the world, so it will not be difficult for you to have a friend with whom you can check your doubts and who can also indicate you some routes, whether they are easier, more challenging or even those who are part of cycling competitions. Cycling also promotes friendship, companionship and sharing, so whether you have a close friend or even a co-worker, you will certainly find opinions and ideas that will provide you with some details that will allow you to decide the most suitable routes for your training. Word-of-mouth is one of the best ways to collect information and to discover magnificent routes that will encourage you to put your foot on the pedal.

3. Registration for a Bicycle Race
With the practice of cycling being shared by more and more people, you will have no problem finding races that you can sign up for. Clubs and associations promote incredible cycling events with different difficulties, in which you can participate, not with a competitive but with a training goal. These events, both road cycling and MTB, are also a great way to promote training for cyclists and some of them are open to all ages. This way, you can also see these routes as a practice for the whole family, if you wish. The bicycle competitions promote previously studied and duly marked trails and paths, giving you the possibility to carry out your training in a positive and easier way, as you will be participating in something properly organized.

4. Apps
Mobile phones and tablets are also a good way to plan your training and you can find several applications related to the practice of this sport. With these applications, you can choose routes, view opinions, select the most suitable training for you, view maps, difficulties and tips. You can also customize your own profile, thus registering your workouts, details of your bicycle (type of wheels, performance rims, etc.), your performance and even include new routes designed by you. Apps are a dynamic and handle tool with information from cyclists to cyclists.

5. Membership in a Club or Association
Clubs and associations are a fantastic way to bring cyclists together for regular training. If you like previously studied routes if opinion sharing is important to you and if you prefer to live and feel integrated with people who also have the same passion for cycling, you can sign up or form a Club yourself. It will certainly be a place to share different ideas, opinions and experiences that will allow planning a training routine.